sawfish + xinerama dropping / unmapping windows

So I have just upgraded to three screens. I have configured them with
xinerama: 1600x1200,1920x1200,1600x1200. And now I have ran into this issue:

Previously I was using twinview, with its own implementation of
xinerama (the nvidia's one). And I never had such problem.

But now, with three screens I'm not using twinview anymore (because
it works only with two screens). And now I'm using /usr/lib/
to merge all screens into single viewport. And the problem occurs. It
is relatively easy to reproduce. Here's what happens:

Just after logging into my session I open few standard windows:
email, few browsers, few terminals. Then while one of those is being
opened (so far it was when starting opera, but I can't tell now if it
is opera that is the cause of these all troubles - maybe it was when
starting firefox once?) : some several other random windows "disappear".

The "disappear" means: 
 - I've seen that window on my screen, suddenly it's not there, I see
   the window disappearing while I look at it, then the background or
   windows beneath it get refreshed.
 - I've seen this window listed in the task list, suddenly it's not
 - I've seen this window in the pager, but now it's not there.
 - I've seen it in sawfish's window list, but suddenly it's not there.

Definitely the window gets unmapped.

The process is not killed. 'ps auxw' shows that the process is
running and doing fine.

`xwininfo -root -tree` shows that this window indeed exists.

sawfish-client (managed-windows) doesn't list this window.

We know that this problem doesn't occur with nvidia's propertiary
xinerama implementation, but only with /usr/lib/

Did anybody tackle this issue, or we stopped at the point that was
last discussed in december 2007? (see the thread linked on top of
this email).

Tell me how to proceed with debugging.

I can run sawfish in valgrind (will try doing so). I'm not sure if
I could get libXinerama to run inside valgrind.

I never tried to produce xtrace, I Don't know how.

Other hints?

best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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