Re: [merge request] News and fdo-menu upgrade

Am Samstag, den 17.10.2009, 07:32 +0200 schrieb Christopher Roy
> merged.
> also did some cleanups after you:
> menu.jl: Reload Appsmenu root-menu entry did (now) call wrong command
> apps-menu.jl: removed dupped Category entry (Development in Dev-submenu)
> apps-menu.jl: added Editors Category entry to Dev-submenu
> apps-menu.jl: make use of global xterm-program instead of my-term-string
> OPTIONS: updated for Teikas variable renaming
> Chris

btw: that "Exiles" category should be optional. and the custom menu
should also be optional appendable instead of prependable, don't you

is the bug there alphabetizing does not ignore the first letters case
fixed? (eg aApp ended up beeing after ZApp) don't have such app yet and
I'm to lazy to try. :)

@Matthew how far you got with the display icons in menu feature?
	if you need something in rep-gtk that's not yet in, tell us!


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