[merge request] News and fdo-menu upgrade

Hi. Please merge my branch.

It contains:
* sawfish.wm.defaults is always read from 1.6. So related news and comments.
* More news polish.
* Minor bug fix for frame font color.
* fdo-menu upgrade:
Renamed fdo-menu.jl -> apps-menu.jl

New variable `user-apps-menu' is created. User can set their own
version of apps-menu here, and the auto generated apps menu is
appended to this.

Function `update-saw-menu' is split into `generate-apps-menu',
`init-apps-menu', and `update-apps-menu'.

Variables cleanup. Distinguishes local and global options. Most of
global options are given better names. Docstring.

Deleted unnecessary batch-mode check.
(You may want to see the diff ignoring whitespace:
 git log -p -b --follow lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/apps-menu.jl )

Info, OPTIONS, and news.texi update is yet to be done.

It contains "my-term-string", but it is better to unify it with
"xterm-program" in wm/commands/user.jl, but I'm not sure
how. Terminals don't appear in my apps-menu, and I can't confirm
things. By the 1.6 shipment, more improvements like this are needed. 

Chris, in news you recently deleted some linebreaks, but I think
it's better to have them to make headlines; readers can browse over
news, and quickly tell which item interests them.

If you like a break but not separate paragraphs, then you can do it
with "@*". (I tried some, without much confidence.)

"Easy" news items are almost ok. Now I turn to complicated features
which require more pen craft. News rewrite is in fact the review of 
new changes. Phew, our developers have written much!

Best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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