Re: NEWS on 1.6.0, crash fix... semi-fix (if you create and quickly delete a window sawfish will segfault)


On Thu, 8 Oct 2009 00:52:51 +0300, Timo Korvola wrote:
> One thing went wrong though: you should have merged focus-revert instead 
> of kde-menu-focus.  Now you actually cancelled the changes in 
> transient.jl of commit a2117caef, where focus-revert was merged 
> manually.

In general, these kinds of merge needs to be done carefully. I.e. the
case where you wanted an edit from branch X, and commited your own
hand-edited version.

Conflicts are likely to happen, and they require to be resolved. Log
is messed to make tracking difficult.

git-cherry-pick is better, if commits are not many. If there ARE many,
I don't know what should be done.

Probably the right way from the beginning was to cherry-pick and
commit your own edit later, rather than manually edit the remote

Teika (Teika kazura)

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