viewport definition glitch

Hi. Let me report another viewport definition glitch.

It's the dimension. We had had only one, "the dimension". Now we also
have "minimum" to support dynamic viewport. But what we really need is
one, "the initial dimension". And current VP size should be a plain
global variable, not a customizable one.  (It might be better not to
change the defcustom name for users.)  Thus, the # of options is one,
regardless the dynamic VP is used or not.

What makes the thing difficult is the sawfish-config (former
sawfish-ui). Currently it only supports defcustoms, and they are
saved. But it must be able to change the current VP size with
sawfish-config, if the user doesn't use dynamic viewport.

Well, it'll be easy if we simply drop the current VP size switch
from sawfish-config, and make user use dynamic VP to enlarge one.
(Shrink is not supported then.)

One problem is that what should be the size at restart. I think the VP
should be big enough to cover all windows.

It is bad to delete once accepted defcustom. Please be cautious.

Thank you for reading.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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