Re: Help on heads

Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> writes:
> Hi, I have two heads. :-o

I struggled to resist that joke myself... ;)

>> My guess based on the sawfish docs and what I see in the code is this:
>>  - When there's more than one head a given viewport includes all of
>>    them, and screen-width/height give the dimensions of both heads put
>>    together.
> is there a command to run in  sawfish-client to obtain those
> dimensions? Then I'll tell you what values I get. My head
> configuration is 1600x1200 (left) and 1920x1200 (right).
> Maybe in a month I will have even three heads? Would be interesting
> to test that too :)

Sure.  There's (screen-width) and (screen-height), which give you the
dimensions of the viewport.  Then (head-offset (pointer-head)) and
(head-dimensions (pointer-head)) will give you the offset and dimensions
of the head with the pointer -- so run those twice each, once for each

>>  - head-offset and head-dimensions are going to be constant for a
>>    particular head across viewports -- i.e., changing the viewport will
>>    not change these values.
> I suppose that this is right. If you have some command to run in
> sawfish-client, I'll gladly paste you the output.

I'm pretty sure that if I'm right about the first bit I'm right here.
Unless it's possible to have one head in one viewport and the other in
some other viewport?  But the viewport code would have to support that,
and there's nothing in there for that. Besides, I can't think of any
reason for it to be done that way.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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