Re: [PATCH] exit function

Christopher Roy Bratusek said:     (by the date of Mon, 16 Nov 2009 18:46:51 +0100)

> > While other commands would perform as expected. With the ability to
> > edit in SawfishConfig GUI the shell command to call upon each of them.
> > For instance I expect that on some computers "Hibernate computer"
> > would need to call something else than standard `/usr/sbin/s2disk`
> > (or sometimes `sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate`), on mine it
> > is /root/bin/SLEEP
> Therefore it's not beeing added, as there are much more possiblities
> for suspend. Add the entry manually to the menu, if you need it.

Well, the best approach (but requires more work too....) is to add a
new item in SawfishConfig main tree, we can call it: "Power". When
you (double)click on it you will see three configurable strings:

Halt command: ...
Reboot command: ...
Hibernate command: ...

And that will solve all the problems.

They can default to:

sudo /sbin/halt
sudo /sbin/reboot
sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate

Just because the word "halt"/"reboot"/"hibernate" appears. I don't
know if they are the default in whatever linux/posix/se-linux
standard. But they seem to fit nicely and they work on many computers.
Anybody going into SawfishConfig will see this "Power" subsection,
click it, and instantly understand what's going on.

I think that, if we are adding ability to turn-off the computer from
sawfish menu, then let's do it in a proper way.

I just think that hibernate is a nice thing to have by default. Even
if for each user it needs a little tweaking to get it to work.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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