Re: [PATCH] exit function

Christopher Roy Bratusek said:     (by the date of Sun, 15 Nov 2009 19:55:49 +0100)

>         (,(_ "Restart Sawfish") restart)
> -       (,(_ "Quit Sawfish") quit))
> +       (,(_ "Quit Sawfish") (exit 'exit)))

Umm... hold on. When I was debugging sawfish with valgrind I often
had to 'quit' sawfish, in order to start it from another terminal
(with valgrind). Restarting sawfish wouldn't work for me.

I would never expect "quit sawfish" to close all windows (and reboot
computer?). I expect it only to quit, and leave my session as is
(with all windows left opened, just unmanaged). Then in unamanged
terminal I was starting 'valgrind sawfish'.

I would prefer if you added four more entries in this submenu:

"Log out session"     -> (exit 'exit) 
        # this one closes all windows, and stops sawfish

"Halt computer"       -> sudo /sbin/halt
"Reboot computer"     -> sudo /sbin/reboot
"Hibernate computer"  -> sudo /usr/sbin/s2disk

And "Quit sawfish"/"Restart sawfish" would just stop sawfish, without
touching any other processes.

While other commands would perform as expected. With the ability to
edit in SawfishConfig GUI the shell command to call upon each of them.
For instance I expect that on some computers "Hibernate computer"
would need to call something else than standard `/usr/sbin/s2disk`
(or sometimes `sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate`), on mine it is /root/bin/SLEEP

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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