Re: Debian packages. Critical bugs before releasing 1.6.0

Janek Kozicki said:     (by the date of Wed, 28 Oct 2009 07:45:55 +0100)

> > > 1) all of my keybindings defined in ~/.sawfish/custom were not there.
> > 
> > I now installed the latest, but it works as usual. I don't think
> > we have changed in keyboard related part at all since 1.5. Maybe
> > some other process, or zombie instance of sawfish is snatching the key
> > input?
> Perhaps that bug is only affecting me, and I'm acting stupid :) I'll
> investigate later. Maybe on Friday.

I located the culprit: the first keybinding in a single line in
~/.sawfish/custom referring to Button6,7,8,9 caused all bindings
towards the end of line to be ignored. And so I were seeing only 20
out of 200 bindings.

> > > 2) 9 mouse buttons. I simply could not figure this out. I wanted to
> >
> > I'll search for more on xbindkeys. That's all for now.

well, no luck with evedev (yet)..... I'm using 1.6 with this patch

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