Re: [IMPORTANT] Support for Buttons 6 7 8 9 dropped -> use evdev

Christopher Roy Bratusek said:     (by the date of Wed, 07 Oct 2009 14:03:08 +0200)

> X.Org/XF86s Headers only have support for Buttons 1 - 5 (though 6 - 9 is
> technically possible). But it's our own hacky solution, so I merged with
> timo/mouse branch and support for buttons 6 - 9 is gone.

does anybody know how other wm's handle this mouse button issue?

> Other Projects (for example GTK+ and more) also don't support those.

oh... a pity.

> It would be nice if some of you brave x-Button-Mouse-Warriors could add
> a doc for making those buttons work to our Wiki.

well, I couldn't. After several hours I gave up and reverted this patch.
(I'm trying 1.6 right now)

patch -R -p1 --dry-run < ./MOUSE_0
patch -R -p1 < ./MOUSE_0
patch -R -p1 --dry-run < ./MOUSE_1
patch -R -p1 < ./MOUSE_1

Sawfish must to recognize all bindings to Button6 7 8 9, etc that are
saved in .sawfishrc/custom. But instead all my Button6 7 8 9 bindings
are simply ignored (even without producing a warning).

I hope to write more about this later. But for now in the attachment
I'm sending reverting patches, just to remember about them later.

A note: sawfish users are power-users (they wouldn't use sawfish
otherwise, right?). So many of them have many-buttons mouse.
It's not just me being unhappy. Those buttons have to work.

I hope to understand evedev more. But for now, this has to work so
I reverted this patch....

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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