Re: {IMPORTANT] README, Sawfish 1.6.0

On Tue, 10 Nov 2009 14:40:00 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> - Tabs ... is anyone willing to work on them?°

The release of 1.6 is close, so even if anyone has some good hacks, it
should be small. (We have to investigate GSR's proposal first before
further development ...well, I can't find it :/) Design with best
efforts, and you will win.

> - Update Docs regarding compat.jl ... Teika?*

This is of low priority, although it's marked as "todo" in Wiki. It
should be the part of entire code review and, if any, refactoring.

Once I said I might ask longer feature freeze period, but I don't think
I'll need it. More news rewritement is necessary, but not so tough.

And Chris, could you give description on the status of gnome support
in news.texi? (What is exactly the "minimum support"?) Specific texts
like the one of KDE will be nice.

> - Docs for Tab and improved userguide ... Teika, GSR?*

Nothing. For users, wiki page almost suffices. But it's better to 
describe the implementation for developers.

> Next, when shall feature freeze start ...
> 22nd Nov or 4st Dec? (+/- 12 days)

I'll vote later. If what's submitted is not much, then I'll prefer
earlier freeze, since it may result in earlier release.

> I guess most will vote for 22nd. Well, if a feature from the above list
> is beeing finished between FFB (FeatureFree Begin) and the 20th Dec, it
> may be still included, though it must be stable, no regressions and
> such and you need the approval of two core-team members (which are
> namely: Me, Teika Kazura, Timo Korvola, Janek Kozicki, Guillermo S.
> Romero (GSR)).

It's *very* good to set up this kind of behavior guideline. Thanks!

> Wishlist for librep and rep-gtk.

Nothing. In fact, I'll submit a doc patch for librep, but it's minor,
so doesn't care if it's librep-0.90.3 or 1.0.

With best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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