{IMPORTANT] README, Sawfish 1.6.0

Hi all,

So it's just exactly 6 weeks (22snd Dec) until Sawfish 1.6.0. Normally
feature freeze would begin in two weeks…

So first of all, I wanted to ask about the work that was expected for

- Tabs ... is anyone willing to work on them?°
- Icon in menu/fdo ... Matthew, any news?°
- Tunable Warp-pointer ... Fernando are you working on this?*

Things I would like to see done, but not necessarily:

- Merge stuff from sawfish-mmc ... @Michal: you said to provide some
  patches ... any news?°
- Beeing able to not just change the frame-font theme-independently, but
  also the frame-color... (I'll check this)°
- replace GtkTree/GtkClist by GtkTreeView and GtkCombo by
  GtkComboBox ... (I'll try to do that, though I would
  appreciate your help, Jürgen)*
- Update Docs regarding compat.jl ... Teika?*
- Bugfix: 'draft' animator has a bug; displayed numbers remain, not
  erased ... aynone?*
- Bugfix: wrong vertically maximized windows after restart See [1] ...
  is this also fixed by the viewport branch*
- Bugfix: problem with wmaker docklets See [2] ... anyone?*
- Docs for Tab and improved userguide ... Teika, GSR?*
- Rework compat.jl ... anyone?*

[1] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=566705
[2] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=581130

Patches to review, I want to see them inside 1.6.0, but I can't test
Multihead on my system, so I depend on you at this point:

Xinerama aware grow-pack [1]*
Xinerama and XConfigure Window [2]*

[1] http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Xinerama_aware_grow-pack.jl
[2] http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Xinerama_and_X_ConfigureWindow_fix

* = does not break FeatureFreeze (so time until 20th Dec)
° = breaks FeatureFreeze

Next, when shall feature freeze start ...

22nd Nov or 4st Dec? (+/- 12 days)

I guess most will vote for 22nd. Well, if a feature from the above list
is beeing finished between FFB (FeatureFree Begin) and the 20th Dec, it
may be still included, though it must be stable, no regressions and
such and you need the approval of two core-team members (which are
namely: Me, Teika Kazura, Timo Korvola, Janek Kozicki, Guillermo S.
Romero (GSR)).

Next Point.

Wishlist for librep and rep-gtk. librep 0.90.3 is basically finished,
rep-gtk 0.90.1 needs full GtkTreeView before marked done. So any wishes
for small stuff to be added? Wishes for major stuff ->> 1.6.0 (after
sawfish 1.6.0).

And of course Wiki updates regarding all that stuff :)

Have Fun,

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