rep-gtk and the TreeModel bindings

I finally got around to uploading rep-gtk 0.90.0 to Debian
only to find that the addition of the TreeModel bindings causes a
build failure in the alpha architecture.

Specifically, gtk_tree_model_get_valist fails to compile, since the
glue declares it as taking a string argument, but the actual
declaration in the GTK+ headers is with a valist. In other arches this
only causes an invalid pointer cast warning, but in alpha those arg
types are completely uncompatible and the build dies.

Now, reading the GTK+ docs, it seems to me that this function
shouldn't even be exported at all (how would one create a valist to
pass to it from rep, in the first place), but instead it should be
used as the backend implementation for the exported version of

This doesn't sound like an easy change to make, though.

I grepped through sawfish's code, and it doesn't seem to use any of
these functions. Which tells me that it's unlikely they have much
users anywhere ;) So, as a stopgap measure, could we just remove
support from them from the gtp-rep bindings?

Thanks for your comments.

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