Re: [Patch] fix non-english letters in root-menu -> windows and window-menu->In group issue

Am Sun, 31 May 2009 17:09:00 +0800
schrieb Wang Diancheng <dianchengwang gmail com>:

> Hi,
> attachments fix non-english letters in non-root-menu -> windows and
> window-menu->In group issue.
> related Proposed Goals:
> * Non-English Letters 
> * CJK Letters
> related  bug:
> 577913
> This bug caused by function substring, when using this function, it
> can lead to malformed UTF-8 characters.
> I add a module to librep named utf8 located in 'rep.util.utf8', which
> provide two function "utf8-string-length" and "utf8-substring", then
> call them when extracting substring to window-name.
> Please review my patches, thanks.
> Wang Diancheng

Hi Wang,

long time ago I heard something from you :)

I Just tried it: and it's working!

While you're at UTF-8, could you try to fix the same issue in

That would be great!

Thanks in advance,

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