A few patches


I have made a few KDE 3 related fixes available at my repostiory in
http://www.elisanet.fi/tkorvola/sawfish.git, branch kde-menu-focus.
Another branch focus-revert continues from kde-menu-focus and removes
the hard-coded logic in transient.jl for deciding where focus goes
when the window currently in focus disappears.  I changed that so that
the decision is made in the focus mode implementation.  That way is
more extensible but unfortunately requires changing all focus modes to
deal with a new type of event.

That repository is now based on the official Sawfish repository, I
have ported those branches over from my old git-svn repo.  I have used
those patches since I wrote them in late 2007.  I don't have the time
to set up a wiki page for them.  Anyone interested can pull the
patches from my repo.  It is easier than copying diffs from the wiki
anyway.  The patches work best with the enter-click focus mode.

I have recently switched over to KDE 4 on my home machine because
Debian appears to be dropping KDE 3.  I am currently using Kwin and
not Sawfish.  Eventually I hope to switch back to Sawfish if I can get
it to work with KDE 4, but currently it is hard enough trying to get
KDE 4 to work on its own.  At work I still use KDE 3 with Sawfish but
I won't be doing Sawfish development there.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:http://www.iki.fi/tkorvola>

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