Re: error--> (error "unknown font type" "Xft")

From: Petter Gustad <petter gustad com>
Subject: Re: error--> (error "unknown font type" "Xft")
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 11:07:08 +0200 (CEST)

> Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately either of them resolved the
> problem. It seems like the function "get-font-typed" might be called
> directly from some other lisp function which is independent of the
> settings in .sawfishrc?.

Or maybe directly from the application itself. Here's a grep for the

$ find /usr/local/ -type f | xargs grep get-font-typed
/usr/local/share/info/* get-font-typed:                        Fonts.               (line  23)
/usr/local/share/info/ -- Function: get-font-typed type name
/usr/local/share/sawfish/      cursorp get-font get-font-typed font-type-exists-p font-name
/usr/local/share/sawfish/;;                                        (get-font-typed
Binary file /usr/local/share/sawfish/ matches
Binary file /usr/local/libexec/sawfish/ matches
Binary file /usr/local/bin/sawfish matches

As you can see I've commented out the function where it;s called in
custum.lj (so it's not present in In gaol.jl there is
only a list of safe functions so I don't think it's called from there.
Which only leaves /usr/local/bin/sawfish?

I can't seem to find where get-font-typed is called unless it is
called using some dynamic method.

Any ideas?


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