gentoo ebuild and intltoolize

Hi, dear gentoo users.

To compile the latest git repo, intltoolize is necessary, so apply the
following patch to Fuchur's ebuild.
--- sawfish-9000.ebuild	(revision 541)
+++ sawfish-9000.ebuild	(working copy)
@@ -46,7 +47,8 @@
 	cd "${S}"
 	eautoreconf || die "eautoreconf failed"
+	mkdir -p m4
+	intltoolize --copy --force
 src_compile() {
You have to change the first two lines into, e.g. sawfish-git-9999.ebuild.

I do hack on my local git repo. To support it, I add EGIT_TREE and
EGIT_BRANCH on ebuild. EGIT_BRANCH is branch, and EGIT_TREE means the
commit name, like SHA1 hash. See /usr/portage/eclass/git.eclass for more.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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