How do you make use of window group?

Hi all. How do you make use, if any, of window group?

You may know that Fernando has submitted a nice patch, implementing
new commands 'cycle-among-groups' (I changed the name).  It's on wiki:

Tell me, anyone, how do you make use of window group? I'm not

It's for doc. A usage howto should be there, but we don't have
user-doc yet, so I wrote the following as a prototype, which I think
serves as a news item:

 New commands cycle-among-groups and cycle-among-groups-backwards are
 added. They work nicely when combined with cycle-group, which only
 cycle inside the group.  For example, if the focus is on Emacs window,
 cycle-group chooses only other emacs windows, and cycle-among-groups
 goes among windows *other than* emacs. 

Any improvement idea? Thanks.

Happy hacking,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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