Re: [BUG] Edge-Flipping does not work after resolution change

zanghar freenet de (2009-05-05 at 2019.19 +0200):
> > I've found a new bug by accident. I just updated my Debians (using
> > SID/Experimental) X.Org (Server) to 1.5 and therefore changed from fglrx
> > to radeonhd, as the former does only support my X1600 until 1.4. After
> > logging in, I had to adjust the resolution (from 1024x768 to 1280x1024),
> > after that change edge-flipping didn't work anymore (until restart), it
> > seems that sawfish does not correctly handle resolution changes. 
> ... I just found out, that it works in left and up directions, but not
> in right and down directions.

Flipper windows need to be updated. Sawfish creates 4 invisible
windows in the edges and waits for the mouse to go into them, so it
can trigger workspace/viewport changes or whatever action you picked.
With xwininfo -tree -root you should be able to see them, they are 1
pix tall or wide.


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