Some News

Tomorrow I finally get my new I-net connection at home, so It's time for some news again:

What I've done meanwhile:

-small work on autotools

- small work on autotools 

- small work on autotools (trunk)
- fix autotools templates (branch 1.3) -> release
- make viewport options appear in Sawfish-UI :: Keybindings (trunk)
- mentions extra keys in KEYBINDINGS (trunk)


- revert (incomplete) GTK+ 2.16 changes -> fix issues from 0.18.4 -> branch 0.18 -> release 0.18.5 -> re-do GTK+ 2.16 changes

- check for non-appearing options in Sawfish-UI :: Keybindings
- Imrpove docs (Thanks to Teika and Guillermo)
- Remove unused doc files (or put some together)
- Remove ChangeLogs (except $PWD/ChangeLog{,po/ChangeLog}
- Update all other doc files (especially USERDOC OPTIONS KEYBINDINGS FAQ)
- check for correctness of compat.jl
- stuff from Proposed Goals list (ping -> Any news from your work on Sawfish-UI?)
- perhaps more, will see later
- 3rd attempt on new default keybindings (Good things take their time :) )

Whole Sawfish Team: 
- fix warp-cursor + dialog issue
- fix microgui issue (reported @ bgo) (bgo =
- discussion about moving from SVN to GIT now -> GNOME _is_ moving to GIT
- discussion about merging sawfish.wm.pager into sawfish
- SVN/GIT access (who needs/wants it?)
- BUGZILLA admin-access (who needs/wants it?)
- SF.NET admin-access (who needs/wants it?)

- read all new mails from the mailing-list
Thanks for reading and Happy Hacking!

Unbegrenzter Speicher, Top-Spamschutz, 120 SMS und eigene E-MailDomain inkl.

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