A patch, mainly on doc

Hi. Attached is a patch, of which main fix is doc on "avoided windows",
but it contains some other.

Could someone apply? Thank you.

Teika (Teika kazura)

Below can be used for changelog:
* lisp/sawfish/ui/layout.jl
* lisp/sawfish/ui/layouts/keymap.jl: Corrected 'defvar' to 'define' for internal variables. Indent.

* lisp/sawfish/wm/state/maximize.jl: Comment fix.

* lisp/sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl: Removed three variables from 'obsolete'. They remain vaild: maximize-always-expands maximize-ignore-when-filling maximize-avoid-avoided 

* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/match-window.jl: the item 'avoid' is moved from "placement" section to "state".

* man/sawfish.texi: Major revision on the concept "Avoided Windows". Many minor changes.
* man/faq.texi: Section on customization is revised. Other updates & rearrangements.
* man/news.texi: Recorded the UI tree view and doc update.

* lisp/sawfish/wm/windows.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/focus.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/viewport.jl: Typo fix.

Attachment: doc.patch.bz2
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