Re: Annoying mouse binding problem

+ GSR - FR <famrom infernal-iceberg com>:

> > (custom-set-keymap
> >  (quote window-keymap)
> >  (quote
> >   (keymap (move-window-interactively . "Button6-Click")
> > 	  (resize-window-interactively . "Button6-S-Click"))))
> -S- as in Shift? S-Button6-Click, mods first.

Maybe. I didn't write it; sawfish's own GUI configuration tool did.

> It reminds me of stuck mods issue I had time ago. Now I have funny
> mods under heavy load: Sawfish sees the key with mod and the app
> without; I use H-d to lower a window, with two stacked I can see how
> Ds appear as input while they change stacking order. It seems when
> kernel or X11 solves one thing, other appears.

Hmm, that could be related. Is there a way to make sawfish spew
information about incoming events into a file, so I can gain some more

- Harald

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