Re: [ANNOUNCE] rep-gtk-0.18.4

Allan Duncan wrote:
Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Hi all,

a brand-new release of rep-gtk 0.18.4 is awaiting you.

[ I'm back after a few weeks fighting forest fires (death toll over 200). ]

I've got librep making an rpm and installing now, some warnings I'll follow up on later, so on
to rep-gtk...

1) There is an error in - there are two %files sections, merging them fixes it.

2) the rpmbuild fails with:
    File not found by glob:

which might just relate to an earlier series of messages like:
    cpio: rep-gtk-0.18.4/gdk-glue.c: Cannot stat: No such file or directory

which again might relate to the earlier line:
    rm gdk-glue.c glib-glue.c gdk-pixbuf-glue.c  (grin)

I've had a closer look, and the "File not found by glob:" error comes from a different cause to
the *-glue.c errors.

Error message from rpmbuild:
File not found by glob: /home/alland/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rep-gtk-0.18.4-1.i386/usr/libexec/rep/i386-redhat-linux-gnu/gui/gtk-2/*

    Actual path found in BUILDROOT:

Relevant line from rep-gtk.spec:

So, _libexecdir is getting set to "libexec" rather than "lib", this happens in configuring:
   libdir:       ${exec_prefix}/lib
  libexecdir:   ${exec_prefix}/libexec

and "_target_platform" is not being set, so the default rpmbuild value is being used.

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