Proposal on tab development.

Hi all. It's time to review tab development environment. Let me propose some.

1. SVN branch.
As pointed out repeatedly, tab development involves many parts of
sawfish. In order to speed up the development, a branch for
tab in the SVN repo is appropriate. Thus developers can make bold
acts, without affecting the trunk.

Our patch system on wiki is sometimes insufficient for drastic changes
like tabs; so far it has worked, since each submitted patch touches
only a few files.
Still, big changes to the existing code, as a result of tab
development, should be reviewed as other patches in wiki, when it goes
into trunk, as before.

2. SVN write access offer.
Rodrigo Amestica and Fernando, I think you two are qualified to have
svn write access. Though I have not seen your codes, you already prove
yourselves by your comments.  If Chris & GSR agree, go to:
What do you think, Chris and GSR? (of course Andrea, Timo, and
others's comments are welcome :)

It's completely your option, and no obligation accompanies. (Gnome
sites may imposes you some, have a look from the link above.)

3. GSR
GSR, you're writing codes of tab, right? (Maybe rewriting from
scratch?) Just a confirmation, but it's better to recognize the
situation, especially for collaboration. And if necessary, please take
the leadership.

4. Me (Teika)
I have been, and perhaps will continue, to comment on tabs from time
to time, but don't count me as a regular member. My prosaic jobs, ML
and wiki guard, consume almost all my time available for sawfish. :)

5. Some considerations
You may say that with the tab branch, testers have to go back and forth
between trunk and branch, so it's not so good. It can partially be
solved by having tab codes as (provide 'tabs) until it reaches to
certain stability. This facilitates testers works. But I'm not
sure. Anyway, a branch stabilizes the trunk. And it's nice if
the tab gradually is merged into the trunk.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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