Re: Tabs

ramestica nrao edu (2009-03-03 at 1517.14 -0500):
> GSR - FR wrote:
>> And with stand alone windows? Never pick them if using it? Or taken as
>> tab group with single member?
> I am of the opinion that stand alone windows are not part of a tab group. 
> This is my conceptual understanding/preference. What sense makes to let a 
> theme to draw a tab above the title of the window standing alone? It 
> looks odd.

I think we are having a communication issue. I read cycle-tabgroups
(notice the s) as jump from one top level window to another, not
inside a given tabgroup (which would be cycle-tabs or maybe
cycle-tabgroup, without s). So I asked if the jumps should avoid those
windows that are stand alone, as they are their own tabgroup, so to
speak, of only one (non existant?) "tab".

OTOH, yes, stand alone windows should not show tabs. But if that is
left to the themes, we do not have to pick a position. ;]


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