Re: Sawfish broken when built without Pango

Hi, Thierry.

> I just built sawfish v1.3.5.3. My builds are always done *without*
> Pango, since I thoroughly hate UTF-8 (my system is configured for
> ISO-8859-15) and anti aliased fonts (using the Helvetica Xcore fonts
> with Xft).
> My previous build was Sawfish v1.3.5.1 (with librep v0.17.2 and
> rep-gtk v0.18.3) and works like a charm (by the way, you will find
> attached a patch to add a --without-pango option for the configure
> script, so to force builds without Pango, even when Pango is present
> on the system).

So it adds a new option, not the fix of the problem. Thanks. Chris, 
could you take care?

> But with v1.3.5.3 (with librep 0.17.4 and rep-gtk v0.18.5), I get an
> error beep when sawfish is launched and the windows miss their
> title.
> Trying to configure the font for the title, I get "Unknown font
> type: Xft".

I guess it's autotool issue. (I don't know much about that.) What does
the output of configure say?  For example, mine is:

checking for libXRandR... yes
checking for libXft... yes ***
checking for libX11... yes
checking for libICE... yes
checking for libSM... yes
checking for PANGO... yes
checking for PANGOX... yes
checking for PANGOXFT... yes ***
checking for LIBREP... yes

Ok, libXft and PANGOXFT are there.

Probably you can revert to the fixed font, as a workaround. For example,
(define-special-variable default-font '("xlfd" . "fixed"))
in ~/.sawfish/rc works.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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