Re: Things from -mmc you want to have [Again]

Am Dienstag, den 28.07.2009, 10:37 +0900 schrieb Teika Kazura:
> Hi, Chris, thank you for your efforts.
> By the by, you've created mmc/window-manipulation.jl, but it's a
> bit of abusive allocation. maximize* should go into
> wm/state/maximize.jl, and rename-window into window.jl. Please keep
> the tree controlled. 
> You never create directories like "bratusek", "gsr", or "timo",
> regardless how much great contributors they are. Keeping track of the
> origin (to give proper credit and/or to manage merges) is good, but
> it's different thing.
> Next, let me propose a hack for rename-window:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> (define (rename-window window new-name)
>   (set-x-text-property window '_NET_WM_NAME (vector new-name)))
> (define (rename-window-interactive w)
>   (rename-window w (prompt-for-string "new title:" (window-name w))))
> (define-command 'rename-window rename-window-interactive #:spec "%W")
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Function rename-window is useful, but this is the first
> apperance. So I promoted it a bit.
> And please replace autoload with require/open sawfish.wm.util.prompt.
> The current one does not work unless prompt.jl is not read, because
> prompt-for-string needs prompt.jl beforehand. (prompt.jl reads
> prompt-extras.jl, so loading the former suffices.)
> I know merge is the earlier, the better, but I have to work on
> translation issue, so I won't commit myself to mmc patch.

One more Idea (will check myself later): there are a lot of function in
librep/rep-gtk like int_to_float and such stuff. The strings in
sawfish-ui are comming from itself, so perhaps the function which makes
vectors/rep-strings into gtk-strings does not support utf8? Would mean
the issue is really in librep or rep-gtk, rather than in

> Thanks,
> Teika (Teika kazura)

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