Re: Things from -mmc you want to have [Again]

Hi, Chris, thank you for your efforts.

By the by, you've created mmc/window-manipulation.jl, but it's a
bit of abusive allocation. maximize* should go into
wm/state/maximize.jl, and rename-window into window.jl. Please keep
the tree controlled. 

You never create directories like "bratusek", "gsr", or "timo",
regardless how much great contributors they are. Keeping track of the
origin (to give proper credit and/or to manage merges) is good, but
it's different thing.

Next, let me propose a hack for rename-window:
(define (rename-window window new-name)
  (set-x-text-property window '_NET_WM_NAME (vector new-name)))

(define (rename-window-interactive w)
  (rename-window w (prompt-for-string "new title:" (window-name w))))

(define-command 'rename-window rename-window-interactive #:spec "%W")
Function rename-window is useful, but this is the first
apperance. So I promoted it a bit.

And please replace autoload with require/open sawfish.wm.util.prompt.
The current one does not work unless prompt.jl is not read, because
prompt-for-string needs prompt.jl beforehand. (prompt.jl reads
prompt-extras.jl, so loading the former suffices.)

I know merge is the earlier, the better, but I have to work on
translation issue, so I won't commit myself to mmc patch.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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