Re: How can I start urxvt as fullscreen ?

Am Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:16:35 +0800
schrieb Wang Lei <wanglei 198112 gmail com>:

> Hi, all!
> I like only 1 window on screen. I use match window to make emacs, xpdf
> and Iceweasel start as fullscreen. But how can I do to urxvt ? It has
> border all the time.
> I tried to add the code like this into .sawfish script, but it makes
> the wm dead.
> -------code---------
> (system "urxvt &")
> (while (not (get-window-by-name-re "lei debian") )
>     t)
> (maximize-window-fullscreen-toggle (get-window-by-name-re
> "lei debian")) -------code---------
> Could anybody help?

try using the window-matcher and set it to maximized, currently
maximization options for the window-matcher is only horizontally,
vertically, or both, fullscreen is currently not supported, but if you
wish I may add that to 1.6s window-matcher


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