Re: Why librep ebuild does not use libffi?

Am Tue, 14 Jul 2009 18:43:50 +0400
schrieb Dmitry Dzhus <dima sphinx net ru>:

> librep builds fine with standalone libffi (available as
> dev-libs/libffi package in Gentoo) using the following configure
> options in relevant section of ebuild:
>         --with-ffi \
> 	--with-ffi-prefix=/usr/$(get_libdir)/libffi-$(pkg-config
> libffi --modversion)/ \
> Seem like calling pkg-config(1) in ebuild is the only way to get the
> correct path to libffi. If librep used pkgconfig macros
> (PKG_CHECK_MODULES), that would not be necessary (I don't think that
> --with-ffi-prefix option would be needed as well).

I'll update the checks the next days, they have been correct for ffi up
to libffi from gcc3.


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