Re: Maybe we should revert 'Iconify' patch.

Sorry, a correction.

Teika Kazura wrote:
> On the other hand, 'yes' works. Try both cases against "xclock"
> with/without "-iconic". Run it before sawfish / run it and restart 
> sawfish.

This does *not* prove anything. Look at the pre-patched code:

if (w->wmhints && w->wmhints->flags & StateHint
    && w->wmhints->initial_state == IconicState)
    rep_call_lisp1 (module_symbol_value (rep_VAL (&iconify_mod),
					 Qiconify_window), rep_VAL(w));

There's no 'else' clause.

I'll invesigate this issue. I think I can derive the conclusion in a week.

> First, there had not been a bug. Putting 'Iconify -> no' in the
> configurator GUI is likely to do *nothing*. 

This *is* a bug, my common sense tells so;)

Anyway, a good summary of this problem is required. Wait for a moment.

Teika kazura

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