Re: Updated spec files in librep/rep-gtk/sawfish

Christopher Bratusek wrote:
Hi all,

I've updated all 3 spec-files in trunk. (new ones are merges from ritz', michals, original and my files) Since I don't use a rpmbased distro for 3 years now, It would be nice, if someone could test the new
spec files.


I've come back to try and recompile sawfish et al after a long absence (my
current binary dates from April 2002), and I want to create rpm's for
Fedora 10, so I will be testing these new ones.

Naturally I started with librep, and immediately ran into trouble with the
release source package.  Once I set up SVN (and learn to drive it) I will
be able to provide some feedback.

I've limited knowledge of spec files, but was able to fix a couple of
complaints I got, however I'm stumped by how to deal with the
"Installed (but unpackaged) file(s)" error for /usr/share/info/dir,
since you can't just include it in the "%files" list, but need to put it
somewhere to use with the "install-info" command in the post install
I shall look forward to your revised scripts.

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