Re: [SF] xconsole mystery

itz buug org (2009-01-17 at 1132.57 -0800):
> I have found this in the default /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources file (toward the end):
> XConsole.text.geometry: 480x130
> XConsole.verbose:       true
> XConsole*iconic:        true
> XConsole*font:          fixed
> I guess that explains the X11 part of this.  Argh!

So the apps is requesting to start iconified? What happens if you
start X via other means than xdm? What does xrdb -query report in all
cases? Maybe all you have to do is make user config purge parts of the
database or start with a full clean version.

At first I thought it it was an app thing as only xconsole was
behaving that way, so looked in /etc/X11/app-defaults/ and found no
such setting (and behaviour here looked normal), except the following
from XConsole file:

XConsole.translations:          #override\
        <MapNotify>:            Deiconified()   \n\
        <UnmapNotify>:          Iconified()     \n\
        <Message>WM_PROTOCOLS:  Quit()
XConsole.baseTranslations:              #override\
        <MapNotify>:            Deiconified()   \n\
        <UnmapNotify>:          Iconified()     \n\
        <Message>WM_PROTOCOLS:  Quit()

Which looks like it would call functions triggered by some events. But
not your "XConsole*iconic: true" (or anything similar) so I stopped


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