Re: sawfish 1.3.3 & gimme.jl

Hi Diab Jerius.

I have uploaded the new version, so please try it.

I've done:
  * (require 'sawfish.wm.commands.x-cycle) is added.
  * Null command string bug fixed.

If it complains about other unbound variables, then add another
"require". You can search the appropriate package with "ack". 

Sample session; In the sawfish source directory, I typed
$ ack "cycle-raise-windows"

Then it returned.

40:;; If cycle-raise-windows is enabled, focused window is brought to
122:  (defvar cycle-raise-windows t
203:      (when cycle-raise-windows

OK, defvar is found. So sawfish.wm.commands.x-cycle is the needed one.
For details, see

Good luck!

Teika kazura

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