Re: Re: theme install in tar.gz format problems

No Problem for me. (Tested on Debian SID x86/Fedora 11a x86/Debian Lenny x86_64)

Dunno what the problem is on your system ... perhaps sawfish has hard-coded gzip prefix?

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Betreff: Re: theme install in tar.gz format problems
Gesendet: Di 10 Feb 2009 20:15:40 CET
Von: "Mark Diekhans"<markd kermodei com>

> I haven't seen any comments on this and the problem presists in
> SVN.  A fresh install of sawfish install themes in .tar.gz
> format, however sawfish is unable to use these.  One has to
> manually untar the themes.
> mark
> Mark Diekhans <markd kermodei com> writes:
> > 
> > 
> > With sawfish built from svn today, the theme install in tar.gz
> > format doesn't appear to be usable.  The only errors
> > are in the form:
> > 
> >     Error: No such frame style: Crux
> > 
> > If the themes are untared, they work as expected.
> > 
> > Mark

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