Re: Maybe we should revert 'Iconify' patch.

Hi, Ian Zimmerman. I forgot to point out more that 90% of the credit
for this issue is to you. Your analysis was great. It must have took
you time. 

> But, of course, that means the original bug persists.

At the same time, one obstacle is removed by your patch in advance.

> And, if I am to believe what you wrote in the wiki, it is actually
> much worse than I thought: it affects any ternary (yes/no/ignore)
> switch in the matchers customization. 

Yes. I've submitted couple of patches last summer for this issue:

And this is similar to your case. It's focus:

There already exist necessary tools. But the eradication takes
months, because it touches vast (or almost entire) part of the sawfish
user interface. Careless change affects users. Conscientious
challenger will improve the configurator GUI, too, to make it more

Optimists may say that it's a good chance to review sawfish. Anyway,
we'd like to invite more developers. Anyone will be welcomed! (That's
all, no fee.)

Teika kazura

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