[NEWS] XF86 checks are back / fixed several build issues

Hi all,

some status updates:

- Mark Diekhans has reported 12 build issues, now most are fixed, only
two remain valid:

1) Is about the install-sh not beeing there ... this is a problem with
his libtool, not a sawfishbug. Dunno why it does not copy the file, but
I could add a line to autogen.sh which test -e install-sh and if not
copy it manually there (for stable releases, this is so or so not valid)

2) PKG_CONFIG_PATH needs to be adjusted when installing into another
prefix than /usr ... this is expected and the only additionaly thing to
make installing librep/rep-gtk/sawfish into another prefix than /usr

- XFre86 checks are back. (Gabor you don't have to worry to miss 1.5.0
on some of your machines/installations :) ). by default only x11r7
(X.Org > 7.0) is detected, to detect x11r6 (X.Org < 7.0 / XFree86),
simply add the following flag to configure: --without-xorg-x11r7, for
now --without-xorg-x11r7 does also work with x11r7.


Q: If x11r7 is detected both ways, so why bothering with a configure

A: Just a preparative task, when having a compositor, we'll check for
xdamage and a recent xcomposite, which are both not present on XFree86

- sawfish has now an ending message like librep and rep-gtk have

- the translation team knows that sawfish is translated, so they'll work
on it

Happy Hacking,

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