Re: Build librep error: autoheader: warning: missing template: XXXXXXXXX

On Sun, Feb 01, 2009 at 11:53:51PM +1100, Allan Duncan wrote:
> And we therefore move onto the next bug :-(
> Processing files: emacs-librep-el-0.17.3-1
> error: File must begin with "/": %{emacs_lispdir}/*.el

You appear to be missing in your spec file something of that sort:

%if %($(pkg-config emacs) ; echo $?)
%define emacs_version 22.1
%define emacs_lispdir %{_datadir}/emacs/site-lisp
%define emacs_startdir %{_datadir}/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d
%define emacs_version %(pkg-config emacs --modversion | sed 's/.*://')
%define emacs_lispdir %(pkg-config emacs --variable sitepkglispdir)
%define emacs_startdir %(pkg-config emacs --variable sitestartdir)

Why this is the case I really do not know.  It may be that only
%{emacs_lispdir} is really used here so you can simplify the above.


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