Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

Quoting Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> on Tue, Dec 08 14:09:
> If you never use xmessage (I guess it's installed.), run
> xmessage -geometry 500x100+300+200 hi &
> (The first two args are for size, and the last two are positions.)
> Choose apropriate geometry to put the window in the dead zone.

[ snip excellent, step by step directions. ]

Thank you for this idea.  It works for window placement, but still
allows windows and the mouse to move into the dead zone.

> As for the official release, some xRandR enhancements are planned for
> 1.7/3.0, but I doubt it will include Xinerama dead zone problem, and
> not for 1.6 which will be released this december.  (For those who
> don't know it: read Omen's previous post and wikipedia article on
> Xinerama.)  It's because core members don't have multi heads. (So
> don't feel like developing one. ;)

All it takes is two montiors/LCDs and run them with different
resolutions, or rotate one 90 degrees.

At any rate, looking forward to bugging someone about this issue again
before 1.7/3.0 comes out.  :)

This is called personal computing: Computers get personal.

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