Re: [SF] Broken enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3

Mihai T. Lazarescu writes:
> Here's another case.  Consider a desktop with mutt in a terminal
> emulator and firefox, side by side or slight overlapping.
> The pointer is in the mutt window, then the focus get
> switched to firefox using the keyboard (Alt-TAB).  Firefox gets
> focused but the pointer never leaves the mutt window.  The user
> interacts with firefox with the keyboard and a firefox temporary
> window pops up, centered on cursor (thus over the mutt window).
> When it closes, the focus goes to mutt window, as the pointer
> never moved away from it.  It would be nice to have the focus
> stay with the firefox window, as last set by the user (Alt-TAB).

I have Alt-TAB set up to move the pointer to the title bar of the
window that I flip to.  It is effectively a mouse-follows-focus policy
to correspond to the focus-follows-mouse policy.

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