Re: [SF] Broken enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 07:08:06PM -0800, sand blarg net wrote:

> Timo Korvola writes:
> > Apart from that, the name and the focus-revert action, your version is 
> > now identical to enter-exit mode prior to commit c10c8c0326 (focus-
> > revert was implemented after that commit).  So your focus mode has the 
> > problem that I fixed but not those caused by the fix.  It should be 
> > usable as long as you have all the pointer warping options turned on so 
> > that focus is never far from the pointer.  If you don't use pointer 
> > warping, you may be annoyed when a transient window is closed and focus 
> > goes to the pointer window instead of the transient parent.  Then again 
> > enter-click mode generally works better than enter-exit if warping is 
> > not used. 
> So just to be clear:
>   1. Let's say I start GNU Emacs 23 under X, with the GTK menus.
>   2. I select "Options > Set Default Font ...", which brings up a
>   dialog box.  Its window property list (via window-plist) confirms
>   that it's transient.
>   3. The transient window gets focus automatically when it appears.
>   4. With my current focus-mode function, when cancelling from the
>   dialog box, I should expect focus to go to whatever window is
>   underneath the pointer when cancelling, possibly the root window.
> Correct?
> I have no problems with that behavior.  My place-transient-mode option
> is set to 'centered-on-parent, so it's highly unlikely that the
> pointer needs to go anywhere other than above the parent.  If I can
> use the dialog box entirely with my keyboard, then focus goes back to
> the main app anyway, because the pointer never moved.  And if I use
> the dialog box with the mouse, then it's trivial for me to move the
> pointer back to where I want focus.

Here's another case.  Consider a desktop with mutt in a terminal
emulator and firefox, side by side or slight overlapping.
The pointer is in the mutt window, then the focus get
switched to firefox using the keyboard (Alt-TAB).  Firefox gets
focused but the pointer never leaves the mutt window.  The user
interacts with firefox with the keyboard and a firefox temporary
window pops up, centered on cursor (thus over the mutt window).
When it closes, the focus goes to mutt window, as the pointer
never moved away from it.  It would be nice to have the focus
stay with the firefox window, as last set by the user (Alt-TAB).

Hope this helps.


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