Re: Broken enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3

Timo Korvola writes:
> On Monday 30 November 2009 03:39:39 sand blarg net wrote:
> > I first noticed this with the raise-lower-window-and-transients
> > command, which I have bound to Mouse2 in titlebars.  The lowered
> > window maintains the focus, when the new top window should get focus.
> I cannot reproduce this.  If lowering causes the topmost window under 
> the pointer to change, the new window gets focus.  If lowering does not 
> cause the pointer to change window, focus remains in the lowered window 
> as it should.  Have you bound the command to Button2-Click instead of 
> Button2-Off?  Generally only menus should be bound to Click actions.

Switching the command from Button2-Click to Button2-Off fixes that
problem for me.  The documentation needs a note on when to use Click
vs. Off.

> > I also found by accident that it screws up restoring focus
> > after a (select-window) call.
> Please elaborate.

Make sure you're using the enter-exit policy.  Bring up a terminal and
run sawfish-client.  Evaluate (select-window).  The cursor changes to
the selection cursor, and the terminal window loses focus.  Click on
any window to do the selection.  The cursor turns back to normal, but
no window has focus anywhere on the screen.

I have also just now found another, similar problem.  I have "A-F8" bound to
resize-window-automatically (it's an old SGI window manager binding).

  (bind-keys window-keymap
             "A-F8" 'resize-window-interactively)

When I hit A-F8, the window loses focus, I resize it normally, and
when I click to exit the resize, no window gets focus.  This also
happens sometimes (but not always) when I use "A-F7", bound to move-window-interactively.

> Ignoring grab-related events fixes some errors where focus is directed 
> to the window under pointer when it should be directed somewhere else, 
> typically to the parent of a transient window that has closed.  It 
> causes some errors where focus should be directed to the window under 
> pointer but is instead directed elsewhere.  It is difficult to tell the 
> two cases apart automatically, but the latter type of errors is easier 
> to deal with manually if you use enter-click focus.

I have found that the following suits my purposes:

  (require 'sawfish.wm.focus)
  (define (focus-enter-refocus-fun w mode)
  (add-hook 'enter-notify-hook focus-enter-refocus-fun t)

When processing an EnterNotify event, it focuses on a reasonable
window based on the current pointer position.  It may break focus for
deleted transient windows, but I have never noticed that in the past,
and I'm noticing the new problems all the time.


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

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