Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

teika lavabit com (2009-08-25 at 1309.50 +0900):
> Hi. Let us see the second questionnaire on how you use Sawfish.
> Now, tell us,
> * What's your focus mode?

Enter-click, and before it was enter-only with keybinding to give
focus to window under cursor (still used with enter-click).

> * Favorite scripts?

Pack (of grow-pack), (custom) ugliness and menu, small helper

> * Your own hacks?

Modifying menu and ugliness to change small things, screenshooter and
misc functions to solve small nitpicks like moving windows faster than
by pixel or moving viewport and window (I should check if not needed

> * Suggestions on additional question items?

None at this moment.


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