Re: How to define wm-modifier-value to 'win' key (the key with microsoft logo in the keyboard)

>>>>> Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:

    > Am Donnerstag, den 27.08.2009, 20:36 +0300 schrieb Timo Korvola:
    >> On Thursday 27 August 2009 06:21:22 Wang Diancheng wrote:
    >> > (define-special-variable wm-modifier-value (quote (super)))
    >> That won't work.  The value of wm-modifier-value is a modifier
    >> mask that can be obtained with, e.g., (encode-modifier '(super)).
    >> encode-modifier is defined in sawfish.wm.util.decode-events.
    >> Normally users don't need to bother with this because the
    >> customizer takes care of it automatically.

    > It's working fine here (via UI), win key bound to Super_L (as yours).
    > You know that wm-modifier is `W', so to check wether it's working,
    > you need some bindings with `W-*' instead of `M-*' (`M' = Meta,
    > but on modern system bound to Alt (which would be `A'))

My bindings use "W-*", It doesnot work, I setup some bindings through
sawfish-ui, It grabed 'Mod4' not 'Super_L' when I press 'win' key.

I don't know why.

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