Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

Am Donnerstag, den 27.08.2009, 11:50 -0500 schrieb Jeremy Hankins:
> Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> writes:
> > Hi. Let us see the second questionnaire on how you use Sawfish.
> >
> > Now, tell us,
> > * What's your focus mode?
> enter-only
> > * Favorite scripts?
> I use app -- I wrote it before I knew about jump-or-exec/waffle/gimme.
> It's similar, but uses cycle-commands to cycle between instances.  I
> also use emacs.jl (also on the wiki) a lot to interface with emacs from
> sawfish -- to edit files, call up gnus, construct menus of emacs buffers
> (see below), access info, or whatever.
> It seems a lot of people use something like app, or jump-or-exec.
> Perhaps a script along those lines should be added to the sawfish
> bundle?
> > * Your own hacks?
> I use the prompt system quite a bit, and wrote prext (on the wiki) that
> has a way to access menus via prompt, with tab-completion.  It's not
> where I want it to be yet, though.  Unfortunately, I had trouble coming
> to grips with menus -- as I recall the docs don't match the code: there
> are valid menus that aren't valid according to the docs.  One of these
> days I plan to go back to that, but it's been on the back burner for me
> for a while.  (It seems that the menu code has a preprocessor to do a
> number of interesting things to menus, but it's not exposed, nor is it
> exactly clear how to take advantage of it if it were exposed.)
> I have a few other hacks:
>  - a matcher to keep a window lined up with a corner

hmm.. could you gimme a more detailed description of that?

>  - constructor for a menu of emacs buffers to create a frame showing
>    that buffer
>  - constructor for a menu to access emacs-muse projects and files
> There's also the dynamic viewports stuff, which I intend to provide
> another patch for in a day or so to fix a couple of problems.
> > * Suggestions on additional question items?
> Nope.  :)

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