Re: ui: notebook and tree

Am Dienstag, den 04.08.2009, 00:39 -0400 schrieb Allin Cottrell:
> I see in the the README.IMPORTANT file in sawfish 1.5.0:
> "recently the old GtkNotebook UI has been replaced by a GtkTree
> UI, sadly this widget does currently not support single-clicking
> it, so you need to double-click it."
> This seems to me a strange choice.  The GtkNotebook API is still
> in good standing, while the GtkTree API is strongly deprecated
> (i.e., gets a worse write-up than most other deprecated GTK
> features).  The current GTK docs say:
> "GtkTree is deprecated and unsupported.  It is known to be buggy.
> To use it, you must define the symbol GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN prior to
> including the GTK+ header files."

I know all that. But have a look at the notebook-style: sawfish-ui
--flatten. This is horrible. Too much options for this style. Besides
that: I'm working on updating rep-gtk to the gtk+ 2.12 API and started
implementing new widgets, to replace the deprecated ones. Several new
widgets are already in rep-gtk HEAD. in sawfish HEAD the GtkButton +
GtkPreview (deprecated) + GtkColorSelection Trio has been replaced by
the new GtkColorButton, and our custom make-url-widget has been replaced
by the GtkLinkButton. I have already started implementing the
GtkTreeView, but I don't know wether it will be already available in
1.6s UI, as it not just requires major work on rep-gtk, but sawfish-ui
as well.


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