Re: [Patch] fix non-english letters in root-menu -> windows and window-menu->In group issue

Hi, Wang Diancheng. (How shall I call you? Diancheng, Wang Diancheng,
Diancheng Wang, or maybe Dian-dian?) Thank you for your efforts!

I found how to do almost equivalent thing from sawfish-client:
$ sawfish-client

sawfish 1.6.0, Copyright (C) 1999-2000 John Harper
sawfish comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the file COPYING

Enter `,help' to list commands.
user> (window-name (get-window-by-id #x10000a3))
In rep, 0x... is represented by #x...

Seems that you gave us a big clue. The "\0" 's in output are null
bytes. (You can confirm it by redirect to file.) So it may be the
cause of unprinted text in configurator.

But the picture is not simple, and I'm confused.

Emacs' "sawfish mode" ( is an
interface to sawfish-client. When I eval:
 (format standard-error "%s\n" (window-name (get-window-by-id #x1000045)))
within sawfish-mode, then the output (stderr) goes into ~/.saw-out (I
run sawfish as: $ sawfish &> ~/.saw-out), and **the window name is
printed there correctly**. Wow!

But when I do the same in sawfish-client in shell, I see what you saw.
(It's not encoding of shell. Redirect does not matter.)

(I thought sawfish-client connects to sawfish WM, so that WM outputs
 (format standard-error ...). But no, sawfish-client outputs to shell's
 stdout, not stderr.)

That's all I can say now.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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