Re: Draft Animator Broken?

Am Samstag, den 18.04.2009, 14:25 +0900 schrieb Teika Kazura:
> Hi, Chris. Attached is the patch for 'draft' animator.
> I found subtlety (lawyers may call it a bug) in librep nubmer handling.
> Floor, ceiling, round, and truncate return int type number 
> if librep is compiled *with* GMP support, and float without GMP.
> That's why the draft animator worked for Chris, and not for me.
> The patch fixes this situation, replacing (floor (/ ...)) with 
> (quotient ...).

good, I'll try it now.

> Tell me, Chris, what is the value of following expressions in your env?
>  3/2 ;; for me 1.5
>  (eq 3/2 3/2) ;; nil. Use equal for non-int numbers.
>  (inexact->exact 3/2) ;; 1 (why not 3/2, or 1.5 ?)
> (say, using (format standard-error "%s" ...))

I'll check later on

> I can't understand many of the code of librep/src/number.c , 
> but an experiment tells ;)
> More nasty things lie. I'm going to write librep manual for these
> issues.
> On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 23:46:46 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> > Do you mean it does absolutely not work, or just
> > displaying of dimensions? The later is the case for
> > me, the former not. (Just to clarify things)
> Now I experience the latter, too. I keep away from this point, having
> no idea.
> I wrote:
> > One more minor related bug is there. In configurator, full animator 
> > options doesn't appear until you open move/resize section in UI.
> More precisely, "animation" group customs are defined in
> * wm/window-anim.jl (this is loaded)
> * wm/animation/outline.jl
> * wm/commands/move-resize.jl
> The latter two have to be opened somewhere, but it is not the current
> situation. One (ad-hoc) solution may be to collect all in move-resize.
> I don't know how to solve it in an elegant way. There's a hidden
> subtlety in sawfish init mechanism. If you carelessly add
> (open sawfish.wm.animation.outline)
> in wm/window-anim.jl, then sawfish doesn't start, leaving a message:
> error--> (error "Unknown group (appearance animation)")
> Yes, because the group "animation" is defined in window-anim.jl
> itself, and 'open' does its job in precedence of loading the rest of
> window-anim.jl, it fails.

This is not a big problem, I'll simply add them to autoload
(lisp.sawfish.wm.autoload), that's it.

> I think a dev-doc is desirable which explains how sawfish initializes
> itself. But my experience is not yet sufficient to write one.
> Regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)

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