Re: Using pager

Am Dienstag, den 14.04.2009, 23:10 +1000 schrieb Allan Duncan:
> I've installed sawfish-pager-0.7, but can't work out how to invoke it.
> At the moment I'm using Fedora 10 with gnome 2.24, and the Workspace
> Switcher that comes with that runs the viewports nicely, but I wanted
> to try old faithfull.

Try putting this into your configuration file:

(require 'sawfish.wm.ext.pager)
(add-hook 'after-initialization-hook pager t)


if you got strange issues with pagers configuration options in
sawfish-ui, then remove the .jlc file from
<prefix>/share/sawfish/<version>/lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/ and
restart sawfish

> Also, can anyone suggest how to make sawfish the default global wm?
> I can set it up on a per-user basis using gconf-editor (get it from
> the forthcoming F11 binaries, no need to compile it), but can't see
> how to tweak the gconf files in /etc

Right click on the key in GConf-Editor, then click "Make Mandatory" (or
something similar), this should make it system-default. PolKit
permissions for this action are required.


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