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On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 09:20:25 +0200, zanghar freenet de wrote:

> sawfish:
> - Remove unused doc files (or put some together)
> - Update all other doc files (especially USERDOC OPTIONS KEYBINDINGS FAQ)

I think only README, README.IMPORTANT, COPYRIGHT, can exist as
capital-letter-top-dir docs. Ideally, the rest should be combined to
user doc.

I'm inclined to think it's better to maintian Todo at wiki. Less docs
for the same purpose is better.

But this is not so easy. For example, sometimes border between bug and 
todo is vague. I don't explore this item further now, but at least
the policy settlement is desired before 1.5.0 release.

> - check for correctness of compat.jl

Have you read my mail on 17 Mars? Not all listed in compat.jl are
really obsolete. The recent patch by me fixed a few. In patch
preparation, I had to wade through the code, so this item is not so
easy. Personally I'd like to postpone it. I think review on bugzilla
and trunk/TODO is awaiting for us, anyway.

> Whole Sawfish Team: 
> - fix microgui issue (reported @ bgo) (bgo =
(Not related to the 1.5.0) Old and new developers come and go, 
so please avoid jargons like 'bgo'. Same for
> - Imrpove docs (Thanks to Teika and Guillermo)
Guillermo is GSR in this ML, so call him so, please.

I've put the link to bugzilla of this microGUI issue in the wiki:

> - discussion about moving from SVN to GIT now -> GNOME _is_ moving
>   to GIT
I'll wait for others' words. I've never used GIT. 

Gnome transition to GIT is announced in:

> - BUGZILLA admin-access (who needs/wants it?)
> - SF.NET admin-access (who needs/wants it?)

If I remember correctly, Timo & GSR (or those who have SVN write account)
have bugzilla account, right?

What about for sf? SF is now used to distribute sawfish release
tarballs, and it can host files that can't be uploaded to Wikia, but I
don't know if it's important for us to keep SF access. (For example,
is it easy enough to use for our needs?)

If it's necessary, and if Chris is the sole to have access, then to
lower the risk, someone else should have one, too. Maybe I'll take it.

Thank you for raising issues easy to overlook. (Yeah, we often skip
them knowing they should be called for attention.)

Teika (Teika kazura)

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